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23-24 June 2001

The first exhibition was held in the Taplow Village Hall and the barn on the Village Green. 30 artists took part, including 8 pupils from St Nicholas School.

The pictures below show some of the exhibits in the barn.

Sculpture and photos Bob Prescott setting up his sculpture display. Photos by Andrew Findlay and Paul Trotter on the right.
Sculpture Plant holders and umbrella stands by Susan Rogers.
Sculpture Sculpture and tables by John Applegarth.
Sculpture Sculpture by Bob Prescott.
Table Table by John Applegarth.

27-28 October 2001

A Sale of Art & Craft was held in Taplow Village Hall including Paintings, Cards, Stained Glass, Rocking-Horses, Etchings, Painted Glass, Photography, Alternative Therapies and more...

Pictures on display
Pictures on display

3rd June 2002

An exhibition in the Village Hall on Monday 3rd June 2002 to co-incide with the Taplow Village Green Party.

Discussing pictures and mural Discussing the pictures. Part of the mural by Sheila Horton is visible on the left
Trying out the Walk Around Taplow website Trying out the Walk Around Taplow website.
Craft tables Viewing the craft tables